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Pre Galvanized - Galvanizing takes place before the manufacture of the product. This generally results in a better appearance than Hot Dip Galvanizing.

Hot Dipped Galvanized - Hot Dip Galvanizing is generally accomplished by two methods, both of which immerse or coat the metal with a liquid zinc bath after various processes. This protective coating is the inter diffusion of zinc and iron and will last for many years. Hot Dip Galvanizing should take place after a product has been manufactured/fabricated, so that all the edges of the material are protected by the galvanic coating. If the product’s galvanic coating becomes scarred or scratched, generally some protection remains as the coating will corrode before the metal.

Advantages of Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • More cost effective for long term
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance
  • Corrosion resistant - a protective coat of armor
  • Less inspection required on job sites
  • Self healing (scratches and cuts in coating)
  • Factors to consider when requesting Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Gauge of material - typically material should be 14 gauge or heavier - if in question, we will verify if your product can be galvanized.
  • Openings in material - galvanizing will reduce the opening size of the material–with small holes, holes may close up. If open area is critical, be sure to start with an open area large enough to allow for the coating.
  • Will product require further fabrication? If so, galvanize “after” the fabrication.
  • Will product require painting? If so, notify us so that the final galvanizing process (chromate quenching) is halted to allow for paint adherence.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    A. How can I repair galvanizing that has been cut or damaged?

    Most repairs can be touched up by using paints containing zinc dust, sprayed zinc or zinc based solder.

    B. Can galvanized iron or steel be painted?

    Yes, using proven paint systems including a pretreatment primer or self primer. The galvanized steel surface, the demands of subsequent exposure and service need to be considered. Please consult a paint manufacturer for advice on the suitability of particular finishes for specific products and environments.

    C. Does hot dip galvanizing affect the weight of my material?

    Yes, the coating will add up to 10% additional weight.

    Electrolytic Tin Coated - Steel coated with tin by electrolytic deposition. The coating is usually applied to a base metal having a dull surface texture. Please specify your requirements in the comment box. This process will add to the delivery time.

    Electro galvanized (ASTM A591) - A thin corrosion resistant zinc coating is applied to cold rolled steel, wire cloth, or other products by electroplating. The sheet of steel passes through a series of electrolytic cells that contain a zinc solution. The coating of zinc does not affect the weight-thickness relationship and is smooth. Electro-galvanizing is recommended as an undercoat for painted finishes. Please specify your requirements in the comment box. This process will add to the delivery time.


    wire mesh

    Powder Coating - Power Coating is a dry finishing method in which electrically charged particles of pigmented resins are sprayed onto a product. Electrical grounding of the coated object causes the charged powder to adhere to the surface. When baked in a curing oven the deposited powder melts and fuses together to form a continuous, cross-linked coating. Powder coating can be done in a spray booth and/or fluid bed. Part size and quantity require consideration. Powder coated finishes are attractive, uniform and highly resistant to corrosion, abrasion, cracking, etc. If you require powder coating, please check with local suppliers in your area.


    wire mesh

    Black polyester powder coat can cuts down light reflection allowing clear visibility, more life, beautiful and is suitable for outdoor applications, such as security screen door and window.

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