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decorative mesh
HOMEdiagonal decorative mesh
PRODUCTSinter crimp decorative mesh
ALLOYSdecorative mesh
NEWSdiagonal decorative mesh
TYPES WEAVEinter crimp decorative mesh
GALVANIZINGdecorative mesh
CULTUREdiagonal decorative mesh
WIRE GAUGEinter crimp decorative mesh
WORK SHOPdecorative mesh
CATALOGUEdiagonal decorative mesh


inter crimp decorative mesh Material: Stainless steel wire, stainless iron wire, middle and low carbon steel wire galvanized iron wire, nickel, chromium wire, iron, chromium, aluminum wire polyester wire etc
Weaving: Ordinary weaving, reinforce weaving, parts ordinary weaving, etc.
Uses: widely used in oil, metallurgy machine, food processing, pharmacy, glass, printing and other industries.


decorative mesh
Decorative mesh
Material: bright iron wire, brass wire, copper wire, stainless steel wire
Normal series of Maishi decorative mesh
Diagonal Decorative Mesh
Flat Wire Decorative Mesh
Hexagonal Decorative Mesh
Inter crimp Decorative Mesh
diagonal decorative mesh inter crimp decorative mesh decorative mesh diagonal decorative mesh
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