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nylon window screen
HOMEnylon insect screen
PRODUCTSfishing nylon wire netting
ALLOYSnylon window screen
NEWSnylon insect screen
TYPES WEAVEfishing nylon wire netting
GALVANIZINGnylon window screen
CULTUREnylon insect screen
WIRE GAUGEfishing nylon wire netting
WORK SHOPnylon window screen
CATALOGUEnylon insect screen


nylon insect screen fishing nylon wire netting

Nylon netting know as nylon window screen, nylon insect screen, nylon fabrics, and nylon wire mesh etc.

Material: Nylon 1010, nylon 66, polyamide and polyester fiber.

Weaving: Plain weaving, Wring weaving

Mesh size: 12mesh to 100mesh

Use: fly mesh, mosquito screening, insect screen and filtering of pharmacy, chemical industry, dyestuff, fishing and foodstuff.

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