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304 stainless steel wire mesh 316 stainless steel wire mesh

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stainless steel wire mesh ( wire cloth )

is divided into NO MAGNET NO NICKEL, AISI202, AISI302, AISI304, AISI 304 L, AISI 316, AISI 316 L, AISI317, 321 and 430 etc.

Type 304
Often referred to as "18-8" ( 18% chromium, 8% nickel ) T-304 is the basic stainless alloy mostly commonly utilized for wire cloth weaving. It withstands outdoor exposure without rusting and resists oxidation at an elevated temperature up to 1400 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Type 304 L is very similar to T-304, the difference being the reduced carbon content for better weaving and secondary welding characteristics.

Type 316
Stabilized by the addition of 2% molybdenum, T-316 is an "18-8" alloy.Type 316 has better resistance to pitting corrosion than the other chromium-nickel stainless steels where brines, sulphur-bearing water or halogen salts, such as chlorides are present. A valuable property of T-316 is high creep strength at elevated temperatures. Other mechanical properties and fabricating characteristics are similar to T-304.
Wire cloth woven of T-316 has extensive use in chemical processing when better corrosion resistance is required than the regular chromium-nickel types.

Type 316 L
Type 316 L is very similar to T-316, the difference being the reduced carbon content for better wire cloth weaving and secondary welding characteristics.
Uses: Stainless steel wire mesh and stainless steel wire cloth products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, environment protection, mine, airspace, paper-making, electronic, metallurgy etc. Special size and specification are available according to customers requirement.

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Weave type of Maishi stainless steel wire mesh:
Plain Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Plain Dutch Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Twill Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Twill Dutch Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Reverse Dutch Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Five Heddle Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
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Maishi produce wire mesh in all kinds of forms. The weaving is determined according to our customers’ specific requirements, such as the material, the wire diameter, the size of the mesh , width and length.
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Characteristics and uses: Stainless steel wire mesh is heat-resisting, acid-resisting and corrosion-resisting. This kind of wire mesh is widely used in mining, chemicals, food products and others.

Stainless Steel Woven Mesh Mesh Production Process:

raw material check
1.raw material check
material perparation
2.material perparation
finish dia.warping beam.jpg
3.finish dia.warping beam
mesh weaving
4.mesh weaving
surface check
5.surface check
length check
6.length check
material check
7.material check
packing into box
9.packing into box

Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh Test:

mesh count inspect
1.mesh count inspect
thickness inspect
2.thickness inspect
thread dia&hole inspect
3.thread dia&hole inspect
tensile strength test
4.tensile strength test
surface tensile test
5.surface tensile test
Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh (Plain Weave)
  • mesh/inchwire diameter
  • 2mesh1.8010.90
  • 3mesh1.606.866
  • 4mesh1.205.15
  • 5mesh0.914.17
  • 6mesh0.803.433
  • 8mesh0.602.575
  • 10mesh0.551.990
  • 12mesh0.501.616
  • 14mesh0.451.362
  • 16mesh0.401.188
  • 18mesh0.351.060
  • 20mesh0.300.970
  • 26mesh0.280.696
  • 30mesh0.250.596
  • 40mesh0.210.425
  • 50mesh0.190.318
  • -
  • mesh/inchwire diameter
  • 60mesh0.150.273
  • 70mesh0.140.223
  • 80mesh0.120.198
  • 90mesh0.110.172
  • 100mesh0.100.154
  • 120mesh0.080.132
  • 140mesh0.070.111
  • 150mesh0.0650.104
  • 160mesh0.0650.094
  • 180mesh0.0530.088
  • 200mesh0.0530.074
  • 250mesh0.040.061
  • 300mesh0.0350.049
  • 325mesh0.030.048
  • 350mesh0.030.042
  • 400mesh0.0250.0385
  • Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh(Twill Weave)
  • meshwire diameter(mm)aperture(mm)material (AISI)
  • 250meshwire dia.0.040mm0.063304 or 316
  • 300meshwire dia.0.040mm0.044304 or 316
  • 325meshwire dia.0.035mm0.043304 or 316
  • 350meshwire dia.0.030mm0.042304 or 316
  • 400meshwire dia.0.030mm0.033304 or 316
  • Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh(Dutch Weave)
  • MeshWire Dia. (MM)Material(AISI)
  • 12meshX64mesh0.58/0.40304 or 316
  • 24meshX110mesh0.36/0.25304 or 316
  • 14meshX88mesh0.50/0.33304 or 316
  • 30meshX150mesh0.18/0.14304 or 316
  • 40meshX200mesh0.14/0.11304 or 316
  • 50meshX250mesh0.10/0.071304 or 316
  • 80meshX700mesh0.06/0.05304 or 316
  • 165meshX800mesh0.071/0.040304 or 316
  • 165meshX1400mesh0.05/0.032304 or 316
  • 200meshX1800mesh0.05/0.03304 or 316
  • 325meshX2300mesh0.030/0.025316L
  • 400meshX2800mesh


  • Technical Note:

    1,Standard roll length: 30m,30.5m
    2,Special sizes available at request
    3,Packing: in waterproof paper,PVC bag, wooden case.Custom packing available at request.
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